Bone Cancer Treatment in Paschim Vihar

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cells of the bone. The most common type of bone cancer is osteosarcoma, which usually starts in the bones around the knee. Other types of bone cancer include Ewing’s sarcoma and chondrosarcoma.

There are several different treatment options for bone cancer, depending on the type of cancer and how far it has spread. Surgery is often used to remove the tumor, and radiation therapy may be used to kill any remaining cancer cells. Chemotherapy can also be used to treat bone cancer, and targeted therapy drugs may be used to fight specific types of tumors.

Bone Cancer treatment in paschim vihar typically involves a team of specialists who work together to create a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual patient. Treatment plans may vary depending on the type of bone cancer, the stage of the disease, and the overall health of the patient.

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Bone Cancer Symptoms and Types

Bone Cancer Symptoms and Types

Bone Cancer Challenges are what make life interesting, overcome them makes life meaningful. Bone tumors grow when cells in bone divide without control forming a mass tissue: Weakens bone Breaks…

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