Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Robot-Assisted Surgery refers to such surgery, which is performed by a robotic arm or manually. Its procedure is very similar to that of laparoscopic surgery, but the only difference is that this surgery is done with the help of a computer.

Types of Robotic Surgery

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery- For some women, Robotic Gynecologic Surgery may prove to be a good alternative to open surgery or standard laparoscopic procedures.

Open Gynecological Surgery, in which a large incision is made in the abdomen so that surgeons can treat the uterus or its surrounding organs.

Robotic Prostate Surgery – Numerous studies have shown that radical prostatectomy is one of the most effective treatments for prostate cancer.

Radical prostatectomy refers to a procedure in which the prostate and its surrounding cancerous tissue are removed.

Robotic kidney surgery- Kidneys can get damaged mainly in many conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, stones etc.

In such a situation, doctors recommend kidney dialysis or kidney transplant surgery, these surgeries are also known as robotic kidney surgery.

Robotic colorectal surgery- During robotic colectomy surgery, surgeons remove cancerous portions of the colon and rectum.

With the help of a robot, surgeons are able to reconnect the two ends after removing cancer.

Robotic Spine Surgery- As the name suggests, Robotic Spine Surgery refers to such surgery, which is taken to reduce back pain.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery:-

Accuracy – The major advantage of robotic surgery is that it is very precise.

With this, the person gets rid of the disease, for which he had come to get this surgery done.

Less pain- Since, this surgery is done with the help of a robot, due to the person does not feel any kind of pain during this.

Making small cuts – Robotic surgery involves making a much smaller cut as compared to other surgeries.

These cuts fill up on their own over time.

Less wound- The person doing this surgery does not face any kind of problem during this surgery and with this he does not have any kind of wound in this whole process.

Rapid improvement in health- Another advantage of robotic surgery is that after this the person's health gets rest in a very short time.




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