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Robotics Cancer Surgery

Robotics cancer surgeries have revolutionized cancer treatment with faster precise removal of tumor with minimal blood loss and quick recovery.

Immunotherapy In cancer

Enhancing body's on immunity to target and kill the cancer can result in great results even in advanced cases. These antibodies have made this possible.

Targeted Therapy in Cancer

Knowledge of cancer causing pathways has helped us design targeted therapies which kill only cancer cells and have minimal side effects. The good thing is they are mostly oral drugs.

Proton & Radiotherapy

Proton and radio surgery are the latest and most advanced form of cancer treatment which kill the tumor by high energy radiation with almost No harmful effects on the body.

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When it comes to our patient's health and care, Our doctors provide the exceptional level of care that our patients want from start to finish.

Dr. Sajjan Rajpurohit

Head Medical Oncology (MAX)
One of the top doctor at, specialized in cancer care/Oncology, medical oncology.
Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas

Dr. Surender Dabas

Director Surgical Oncology (BLKCC)
One of the top doctor at, specialized in cancer care/Oncology, surgical oncology.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar

Additional Director (Fortis)
One of the top doctor at, specialized in cancer care/Oncology, Radiation oncology.

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Awareness, motivational and health videos to keep India happy and healthy. You can also know about all types of cancer and treatments.

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Vision: We vision a world free of cancer.

Mission: To make cancer treatment available and affordable to all by 2030.

Who We Are: we are a team of leading oncologist, Nutritional experts, philanthropist and tech- prenor who shared a common dream of making world class cancer treatment available to all. We are an online platform which offer holistic cancer services to our patients.

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” He is so pleasant to talk to and always ready to answer your doubts. I consulted Dr Sajjan for my lung cancer treatment, with the help of his treatment for lung cancer I am feeling so great. “
Ved Prakash
” Due to smoking habbit I was facing several issue and It was getting difficult for me to deal with this. but Dr Sajjan helped me deal with this problem. He is really a great doctor.”
Rohan Singh
”Dr.Sajjan Rajpurohit has given me the best advice & now finally able to get back to my normal self. I remember, i was suffering from glioma for such a long time. They took very nice care of me.”
Tarun Dhawan


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