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CARER Program

Personalised Cancer Care

India’s first provider of integrative cancer care that helps manage the cancer journey across nutrition, body and mind.

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About Carer Program

CARER is the first integrative oncology program in India that provided non-clinical therapies to cancer patients on-treatment and post- treatment. Working alongside all major hospital chains and oncologists in the country, CARER’s methodology using food, body and mind have proven on over 500 patients with exceptional results. CARER’s therapies are complementary to mainstream cancer treatment.

Below is a brief overview about our therapies. Please keep in mind that our focus in on providing personalized cancer care with the goal of increasing immunity, managing side effects of treatment, decreasing collateral damage of treatment, improving quality of life and decreasing chances of relapse by implement permanent lifestyle changes.

What We Do

CARER Nutrition Therapy

Carer Nutrition Therapy aims at meeting the caloric needs of the patient considering specific catabolic losses, in order to expedite healing and recovery. Unlike the generic diet programs, this Protocol aims at building the body’s immune system, arresting involuntary weight loss and customizing the diet based on feeding methods, considering meal patterns of the patient and the nutritional deficiencies that might occur due to treatment or the illness itself. Each plan is personalised to the patient and his/her current treatment cycle.

CARER Nutrition Therapy
CARER Movement & Meditation Therapy

CARER Movement & Meditation Therapy

The Movement and Meditation Protocol is focused on strength building and limiting atrophy. Therapists assist patients with a combination of therapeutic yoga practices, physiotherapy and functional movement exercises that deal with basic movement, fatigue, weakness, weight loss and pain. The focus is stretching and strengthening of muscles, pain management, stimulating the digestive system, lymphatic system, circulatory system and breathing techniques that help in balancing the body and mind.

CARER Mental Well-Being Therapy

The objective of the Mental Well-Being Protocol is to provide a supportive environment for the patient by helping them accept the disease and motivating them to move on. The mental well-being therapy is also extended to the family of the patient as well.

CARER Mental Well-Being Therapy

CARER’s Methodology: Results

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CARER Packages Offered

CARER Premium Home Care

CARER Online

Cancer Prevention & Immunity

CARER Packages Offered

Pain Points of Patients

Involuntary weight loss Weak lungs | Core capacity Anxiety, irritability
Anaemia Swallowing difficulty Low self-confidence, Sedentary lifestyle
Fatigue, weakness Low immunity Acceptance of illness
Taste changes Overall body pain Fear of relapse
Nausea Neuropathy Concerned about Physical changes (Body image)
Acidity, constipation, Diarrhoea Decreased body strength, Mobility Sleeping disorder
Weight gain   De-motivated
Loss of appetite, Less food intake    
Low immunity    

Pain Points of Caregiver’s

Lack of nutrition knowledge, Difficulty in implementation Weak lungs | Core capacity Worried about treatment
Implementation of a new cancer diet Swallowing difficulty Dependency on family members
  Low immunity Concerned about family members well-being
  Overall body pain Financial burden
Neuropathy Having irrational beliefs
Decreased body strength, Mobility Time management | For patients and caregivers
  Poor sleep, Negative thoughts about diagnosis
  Ways to keep them engaged | Physically active
  Guilty about not being with the patient always
  Worried about patient during absence of the caregiver
  Stressed about inactive social life

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